With Online Referrals, There Is No Need To Queue For Hours

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Tanggal Posting : 12 Sep 2018 08:52:56

Tarakan (12/09/2018) – Since 15 August 2018 BPJS Kesehatan adjust online reference system or digitization reference on JKN-KIS Program. Online reference is innovation to facilitate participants in obtaining health service  that are effective and as needed. Besides that online referrals also make it easier for participants to carry out referrals from first level facilities (FKTP) to advanced level facilities (FKRTL) without having to bring a referral letter or paperless. This can reduce the risk of file loss at home because the participant's referral data has been recorded in the online referral system.

Entering the second trial phase which was held on September 1 to 15, BPJS Kesehatan has made various improvements related to the implementation of online referrals. The community has now been able to feel the benefits of online referrals as experienced by Saskiyanti or who is familiarly called Eva by her family, when met Monday (10/9) by Jamkesnews team.

A housewife who helps her husband everyday who is a fisherman, diagnosed with a cyst disease. In the last few months Eva regularly carried out control of the Regional General Hospital in one of the areas in Tarakan, through referrals she obtained from the puskesmas where Eva was registered.

"Now there is no need to queue for hours. In the past, the queue was many times, waiting in line for administration, and then waiting for the queue to be checked again.    I can spend hours in the hospital even often from the morning until the afternoon. After this online referral, I checked today at the health center, then made a referral, the next day I went to the hospital. At the hospital, we didn't wait long, fill my name in the administration book after that, wait for it to be called, then see the doctor for review, "Eva said.

Eva revealed that now hospital services are more comfortable with online referrals. At present the queue at the hospital has been much reduced compared to before. Previously patients who came to the hospital did not get seats to wait for the queue. Now it's not like that anymore. Based on Eva's experience, come in the morning or afternoon, just wait 30 minutes to see a doctor.

"Besides that, I'm not afraid to miss the referral letter anymore. Because referral has been online at the Hospital. Because the distance from the puskesmas to the hospital where I was treated was quite far, it was difficult if I had to go back because I did not bring a referral letter from the puskesmas. It's easier to make it, '' added Eva.

With the presence of online referrals, expected to provide convenience and certainty for participants in obtaining health services, especially referral services. On August 15, 2018, BPJS Kesehatan implemented a referral digitization trial which was divided into 3 phases until September 30, 2018. So that it is expected that as of October 1, 2018 all health facilities can already apply online referrals. (KA/om)

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